A Professional Photographer

Your wedding photographer.
Professional or amature?

We all love it when something has a cheaper alternative but is it always worth it? Your wedding day is
one of the most amazing days of your life and you want everyone to know about it, but is showing them
the pictures of your special day really worth it if they aren’t the best they can be?
Hiring an amature may be the cheaper and easier option for your budget but is it worth losing all
of the things a professional photographer can bring to your special day.

Hiring a professional may bring you more for your money with things like the different kinds of
photo prints they can offer you,albums, cd prints, photo booths (these are a great laugh), the right angle (you ladies know what i’m talking about),
picture quality, the amount of hours you pay them for to be at your wedding (just the ceremony/just the reception/just dinner/
just the after party) or would you rather all of them, many professional photographers offer different prices for these separately
or make you deal on them all together.
A professional photographer is most likely going to use adobe photo shop to edit your pictures in whatever way you’d prefer and this is usually a
bonus if they edit your pictures for you.

Now using an amature may be better for your budget but do they offer the same services as a professional?
They don’t have the same experience as a professional or have the same equipment (amatures equipment will most probably be cheaper and not as great quality).
An amature photographer may be a friend or a member of family and because of your relation they wont feel so pressured n to doing a good job, where as if you
were paying a professional they know they have a job to do and that job comes with rules. The amature is most likely going to mess up if they aren’t being paid
the same as a professional.

Hiring an amature is also benefiting your bank account and their level of experience, but you and me both know that the better option is to go for the professional.
Simply because they offer more for their money